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BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL220Conservation Biology
BIOL507Evolution Journal Club I
CHEM587Seminar in Biological Chemistry
E&ES223Structural Geology
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
ENVS225Liminal Animals: Animals in Urban Spaces
ENVS282Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
ENVS352Energy and Modern Architecture, 1850--2015
ENVS369Ecological Resilience: The Good, the Bad, and the Mindful
GOVT206Public Policy
GOVT329International Political Economy
HIST221History of Ecology
NS&B254Comparative Animal Behavior
PHIL270Environmental Philosophy
PHIL287Philosophy of Science
SISP202Philosophy of Science
SOC247Drugs, Culture, and Society
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BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL306Ecology and Natural History of Freshwater Fishes of South America
BIOL316Plant-Animal Interactions
BIOL508Evolution Journal Club II
CHEM314Environmental Chemistry
COMP350Computational Media: Videogame Development
E&ES199Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability
ECON210Climate Change Economics and Policy
ECON310Environmental and Resource Economics
ENVS201Sophomore Seminar in Environmental Studies
ENVS212Introduction to Ethics
ENVS222Metabolism and Technoscience
ENVS280Environmental Geochemistry
ENVS282Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
ENVS283Venezuela: The Effect of Oil Discovery on People, the Environment, and on Democracy
ENVS301The Art of Narrative Science
ENVS307The Economy of Nature and Nations
HIST223Traditional China: Eco-civilization and Its Discontents
MB&B381Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
PHIL212Introduction to Ethics
PHIL215Humans, Animals, and Nature
PHYS105Radical Sustainability
PSYC325Healthy Places: Practice, Policy, and Population Health

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