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ARCP291East Asian Archaeology
BIOL173Global Change and Infectious Disease
BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL214MacroEvolution, Pattern and Process
BIOL220Conservation Biology
BIOL223The Molecular Basis of Cancer
BIOL346The Forest Ecosystem
BIOL507Evolution Journal Club I
CHEM587Seminar in Biological Chemistry
E&ES223Structural Geology
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
ENVS212Introduction to Ethics
ENVS225Liminal Animals: Animals in Urban Spaces
ENVS283Venezuela: The Effect of Oil Discovery on People, the Environment, and on Democracy
ENVS285Environmental Law and Policy
ENVS291East Asian Archaeology
ENVS315Eat, Grow, Heal: The Anthropology of Food and Justice
ENVS352Energy and Modern Architecture, 1850-2020
ENVS377Perspectives in Arts as Culture: Ukrainian Arts and Language as Resistance
GOVT206Public Policy
GOVT329International Political Economy
NS&B254Comparative Animal Behavior
PHIL212Introduction to Ethics
PHIL215Humans, Animals, and Nature
PHIL287Philosophy of Science
SISP202Philosophy of Science
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AFAM213Abolition Geographies
ANTH319Toxic Sovereignties: Life after Environmental Collapse
BIOL197Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL290Plant Form and Diversity
BIOL312Global Change Biogeography
BIOL508Evolution Journal Club II
COMP350Computational Media: Videogame Development
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
ECON310Economics of the Environment and Climate
ENGL277Writing Fiction
ENVS217The Environment, The Bible, and Moral Debate
ENVS240Abolition Geographies
ENVS273Environmental Politics in East Asia
ENVS307The Economy of Nature and Nations
ENVS344Renewable Energy and Negative Emission Technologies
ENVS369Ecological Resilience: The Good, the Bad, and the Mindful
HIST221History of Ecology
HIST223Chinese Eco-Civilization: History, Experience, and Myths
MB&B381Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
PHIL270Environmental Philosophy

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