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CJST165FAnne Frank's Diary and its Legacy (FYS)
CJST280The Jewish Mother
CJST312Judaism in the Time of Jesus
CJST315Hebrew in the Media: From National Literature to International Films and TV Shows (CLAC 1.0)
HEBR101Beginning Hebrew I
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew I
RELI175FConstructing the Human: Humans and Animals in the Hebrew Bible (FYS)
RELI201Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
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CJST217The Cinema of Steven Spielberg
CJST223Israeli Women Filmmakers and the Israeli Society
CJST414Israeli Cinema (CLAC 1.0)
GOVT270Comparative Politics of the Middle East
HEBR102Beginning Hebrew II
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II
RELI217The Environment, The Bible, and Moral Debate
RELI295Religion in Dungeons and Dragons
RELI311Pain and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible

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