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CHEM301Foundations of Molecular Biophysics
CHEM307Molecular Biophysics Journal Club I
CHEM325Introduction to Biomolecular Structure
CHEM385Advanced Biochemistry: Enzyme Kinetics
CHEM395Structural Biology Laboratory
CHEM507Molecular Biophysics Journal Club I
CHEM521Chemistry Symposia I
CHEM587Seminar in Biological Chemistry
MB&B208Molecular Biology
MB&B307Molecular Biophysics Journal Club I
MB&B325Introduction to Biomolecular Structure
MB&B507Molecular Biophysics Journal Club I
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CHEM308Molecular Biophysics Journal Club II
CHEM320Scientific Research Ethics
CHEM382Practical NMR
CHEM508Molecular Biophysics Journal Club II
CHEM588Seminar in Biological Chemistry
MB&B308Molecular Biophysics Journal Club II
MB&B381Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
MB&B382Practical NMR
MB&B508Molecular Biophysics Journal Club II
MB&B520Topics in Nucleic Acid Structure
MB&B581Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
MB&B588Seminar in Biological Chemistry

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