Fall 2019      Historical Texts and Traditions Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
RELI221Islam and Muslim Cultures

Fall 2019      Language Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ARAB201Intermediate Arabic I
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew I

Fall 2019      Electives          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ANTH304Race and Ethnicity in the Middle East and North Africa
ARAB301Advanced Arabic I
CCIV244Pyramids and Funeral Pyres: Death and the Afterlife in Greece and Egypt
HEBR211Hebrew Literature
Spring 2020      Gateway Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
HIST234The Modern Middle East

Spring 2020      Historical Texts and Traditions Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
HIST337Mystical Traditions in Islam
RELI201Introduction to The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
RELI212Introduction to the New Testament

Spring 2020      Contemporary Society and Politics Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ANTH218The Arab Street: Pop Culture and Media between Muslim Worlds
GOVT277Islamic Movements and Parties

Spring 2020      Language Courses          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ARAB202Intermediate Arabic II
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II

Spring 2020      Electives          Summer Session       Home       Archive       Search       CMES

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