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AMST315Entertaining Social Change
ANTH101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH207Anthropology of Time
ANTH295Theory 1: Anthropology of Affect
ANTH319Toxic Sovereignties: Life after Environmental Collapse
ARHA339Modernism and the Total Work of Art
CHUM302Black Speculative Fictions and the Anthropocene
CSS271Sophomore Colloquium: Modern Social Theory
ENGL303Narrative Theory
FGSS209Feminist Theories
FGSS269Gender and History: Women Working, the U.S., and Global Capitalism Since 1900 (FGSS Gateway)
GOVT159The Moral Basis of Politics
GOVT398What Is the Good Life?
HIST383French Existentialism and Marxism
PHIL287Philosophy of Science
RELI213Refugees & Exiles: Religion in the Diaspora
RELI220Modern Christian Thought
RUSS267Parody: Humor, Artistic Evolution, and Restoration of the Sacred
SOC212Sociology and Social Theory
Spring 2019      Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       CSCT
AMST208Junior Colloquium: Visual Culture Studies and Violence
ANTH101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH296Theory 2: Anthropology and Capitalist Globalization
CEAS395From Fascism to Fukushima: Navigating the Everyday in Modern Japan
CHUM306Techniques of the Liar: Performance, Artifice, Fraud
COL249Narrative and Ideology
COL336Theories of Translation
CSS371Junior Colloquium: Liberalism and Its Discontents
ENGL355Scribes, Book Worms, and Bibliomaniacs: The Thrall of the Book
ENGL359Criticism and Marxism
GOVT159The Moral Basis of Politics
GOVT338Modern Political Theory
GOVT355Political Theory and Transitional Justice
HIST318The Politics of Death: The Living, the Dead, and the State
HIST338History and Theory
PHIL202Philosophical Classics II: Early Modern Philosophy from Descartes Through Kant
PHIL212Introduction to Ethics
PHIL277Feminist Philosophy and Moral Theory (FGSS Gateway)
RELI272Ethics After the Holocaust
SOC212Sociology and Social Theory
SOC269Bad Sex
THEA302Contemporary Theater: Theories and Aesthetics

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