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PHYS113General Physics I
PHYS121Physics Laboratory I

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PHYS213Waves and Oscillations
PHYS215Special Relativity
PHYS313Classical Dynamics
PHYS315Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS342Experimental Optics

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PHYS500Graduate Pedagogy
PHYS505Condensed Matter Physics Seminar I
PHYS507Atomic and Molecular Physics Seminar I
PHYS509Theoretical Physics Seminar I
PHYS513Classical Dynamics
PHYS515Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS521Physics Colloquium I
PHYS542Experimental Optics
PHYS565Mathematical Physics
PHYS587Seminar in Chemical Physics

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PHYS102Physics for Future Presidents
PHYS111Introductory Physics I
PHYS121Physics Laboratory I
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PHYS116General Physics II
PHYS122Physics Laboratory II

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PHYS214Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS316Thermal and Statistical Physics
PHYS324Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS340Computational Physics: Algorithms and Clusters
PHYS345Electronics Lab
PHYS358Condensed Matter

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PHYS506Condensed Matter Physics Seminar II
PHYS508Atomic and Molecular Physics Seminar II
PHYS522Physics Colloquium II
PHYS545Electronics Lab
PHYS588Seminar in Chemical Physics

Spring 2011      Courses for Non-Majors       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       PHYS
PHYS104Newton to Einstein: The Trail of Light
PHYS112Introductory Physics II
PHYS122Physics Laboratory II

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