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RELI101Introduction to the Study of Religion
RELI125Unthinkable Suffering: The Problem of "the Problem of Evil"
RELI201Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
RELI283Three Generals in the Lord's Army

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RELI283Three Generals in the Lord's Army
RELI287The End of the World: The Millennium and the End Times in American Thought
RELI288Buddhism in America

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RELI298Religion and History
RELI391Religion and the Social Construction of Race

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HEBR101Elementary Hebrew
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew
HEBR211Hebrew Literature
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RELI101Introduction to the Study of Religion
RELI212Introduction to The New Testament
RELI242Buddhism: An Introduction

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CCIV275Romans and Christians: The World of Late Antiquity
RELI284Magic and Religion in Latin America
RELI473Spirituality and Nature in the Late Middle Ages
RELI483American Religions Through Children's Media
RELI488Jewish and Christian Identity in a Greek and Roman World
RELI489Black Religious and Urban History: Migration and Transformation

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RELI398Majors Colloquium in Religious Studies

Spring 2007      Hebrew Studies       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       RELI
HEST215Jewish Musical Worlds

Spring 2007      Hebrew       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       RELI
HEBR102Elementary Hebrew
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew

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