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RELI151What is Religion? Shamans, Kool-Aid, and the First Amendment

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RELI203Jews & Judaism: Race, Religion, Culture
RELI215Politics and Piety in Early Christianities
RELI221FIslam & Muslim Cultures (FYS)
RELI239Modern Shamanism: Ecstasy and Ancestors in the New Age
RELI242Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Practice
RELI276The Gospels and Jesus

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RELI215Politics and Piety in Early Christianities
RELI276The Gospels and Jesus
RELI379Christianity and Sexuality

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RELI309Scoundrels, Sinners, and Saints: Approaches to Buddhist Life Writing
RELI317Colonizing Space: Exploration, Extraction, and Inhabitation

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HEBR101Beginning Hebrew I
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR211Hebrew Literature
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RELI151What is Religion? Santeria, Oprah, and the First Amendment

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RELI201Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
RELI212Introduction to the New Testament
RELI218The Cosmos of Dante's "Comedy"
RELI222Identity and Jewish Literature: Sexuality, Race, and Gender
RELI229Tibetan Religion

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RELI373Religion, Science, and Empire: Crucible of a Globalized World

Spring 2021      Method & Theory       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       RELI
RELI395The Anthropology of Religion
RELI398Majors Colloquium in Religious Studies

Spring 2021      Hebrew       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       RELI
HEBR102Beginning Hebrew II
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II

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