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ANTH305Semiotics of al-Barzakh: The Grammars of the End of Days and Horizons of Possibility
ARAB101Elementary Arabic I
ARAB201Intermediate Arabic I
ARHA266History and Core Ideas in African Photography: 1850s to the Present
ARHA267Memorials, African Art, and the Burden of Remembering
DANC260West African Dance I
DANC360West African Dance II
FREN302West African Literatures and Cultures in French
HIST364Thinking with Objects: Processing a Museum Collection from Southern Africa
LANG151Elementary Swahili I
LANG160Introduction to Tamazight: The Native Language of North Africa and Beyond (CLAC.50)
MUSC445West African Music and Culture: Beginners
MUSC446West African Music and Culture--Intermediate
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ARAB102Elementary Arabic II
ARAB202Intermediate Arabic II
ARHA265History of African Art and Material Culture
ARHA367African Modernism and the African American Diaspora
CHUM372Dangerous Realisms
DANC260West African Dance I
DANC365West African Dance III
ECON366The Economics of Developing Countries
FREN312Clandestins, Sans-Papiers, Migrant/e/s: 100 Years of Illegalization in the Francophone Mediterranean
MUSC445West African Music and Culture: Beginners
MUSC447West African Music and Culture--Advanced

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