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ARHA216The Gothic Cathedral
GOVT337Virtue and Glory: Classical Political Theory
HIST261Protestantism: From the Reformation to the Religious Right
MUSC274Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War
MUSC448Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
RELI220Modern Christian Thought
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ARHA151European Architecture to 1750
ARHA213Monastic Utopias: Architecture and Monastic Life to the 13th Century
ARHA321Art and the Imagined Self in Spain and the Americas (1450-1800)
CCIV275Romans and Christians: The World of Late Antiquity
HIST201Medieval Europe
HIST202Early Modern Europe
HIST208Rome Through the Ages
MUSC448Ebony Singers: Gospel Music
RELI201The Bible and Its Worlds: The Hebrew Bible-Old Testament in the Ancient and Modern Imagination
RELI310Constructing Hinduism and Islam
RELI391Religion and the Social Construction of Race

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