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ASTR430Seminar on Astronomical Pedagogy
CHEM241Informal Science Education for Elementary School Students I
COL228Virtue and Vice in History, Literature, and Philosophy
ECON300Quantitative Methods in Economics
EDST110FWriting about Teaching: An Exploration of American Educational Ideals through Writing and Film (FYS)
ENGL491Teaching Apprentice Tutorial
HIST176Introduction to History: Science in the Making: Thinking Historically About Science
MATH132Elementary Statistics
PSYC200Statistics: An Activity-Based Approach
PSYC220Cognitive Psychology
PSYC355Psychology of Reading
QAC201Applied Data Analysis
SISP202Philosophy of Science
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CHEM242Informal Science Education for Elementary School Students II
DANC447Dance Teaching Practicum
ECON213Economics of Wealth and Poverty
ECON300Quantitative Methods in Economics
EDST230Schools in Society
EDST310Practicum in Education Studies
ENGL492Teaching Apprentice Tutorial
HIST240The United States Since 1901
MATH132Elementary Statistics
MUSC463Teaching Music Lessons to Children in Local Schools
PSYC200Statistics: An Activity-Based Approach
PSYC230Developmental Psychology
PSYC253Educational Psychology
QAC201Applied Data Analysis

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