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AFAM189FLGBTQ, or LGBT Who? Race, Sexuality, and Community in 20th-century U.S. History (FYS)
AMST201Queer Theories: Junior Colloquium
ANTH113FAnthropology of Gender & Sexuality (FYS)
CHUM301Flaunting: Extreme Fashion on the Early Modern Stage
CLST363Body Politics: Desire, Sexualities, and Gender, Past and Present
FGSS209Feminist Theories
FGSS228Performing Identities (FGSS Gateway)
FGSS293Pleasure and Power: An Introduction to Sexuality Studies (FGSS Gateway)
FGSS306Black Feminist and Trans Theories of the Hu/Man
SOC269Bad Sex
THEA235Writing on and as Performance
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AFAM242Intimate Histories: Black Women's Sexuality
AMST353Health, Illness, and Power in America
FGSS200Sex/Gender in Critical Perspective (FGSS Gateway)
FGSS209Feminist Theories
HIST233LGBT History in the United States: 1940-Present
MUSC121Queering Russian Music
RELI379Christianity and Sexuality
SPAN294Queering Latin America: Contemporary Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature and Film
THEA364Friendship and Collaboration: In Theory, In Practice
WRCT302All the Feels: Affect Theory and Cultural Studies

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