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HIST110FBeen in the Storm So Long: Grassroots Movements and the Black Freedom Struggle (FYS)
HIST129Philosophy and the Movies: The Past on Film
HIST170Introduction to History: American Material Culture
HIST171Introduction to History: History of U.S. Social Movements
HIST173Intro to History: Heretics on Trial: The Holy Inquisition and Its Enemies
HIST186The Raj: India and Britain (Introduction to History)
HIST201Medieval Europe
HIST204Greek History
HIST206Classic Christian Texts
HIST219Russian and Soviet History, 1881 to the Present
HIST223Traditional China: Eco-civilization and Its Discontents
HIST229A Fair Country? Canadian Protests and Progress After 1900
HIST230Rome After Rome: Culture and Empire of Constantinople
HIST235Enlightenment Concept of the Self
HIST236Dante in His World: Politics, Poetry, Religion
HIST239ZThe Long 19th Century
HIST249History of the End
HIST256Japan and the Atomic Bomb: History, Myths, and Mysteries
HIST267Development in Question: Conservation in Africa
HIST268The Origins of Global Capitalism: Economic History, 1400--1800
HIST293The U.S. Civil War
HIST294Political Fiction
HIST296Colonial Latin America
HIST301The Spanish Civil War, 1936--1939
HIST302Reproductive Politics and the Family in Africa
HIST304Middle East Intellectuals and Modernity
HIST318The Politics of Death: The Living, the Dead, and the State
HIST332Race, Capital, and Sexual Consent
HIST351Beyond 1619: Enslavement in the United States, 1619-1860
HIST362Issues in Contemporary Historiography
HIST385Science and the State

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HIST102FHistory and the Humanities II (FYS)
HIST171Introduction to History: History of U.S. Social Movements
HIST175Intro to History: Resistance and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1500-1850
HIST180Introduction to Japanese History: A Manga Artist's Life in 20th-Century Japan
HIST188Introduction to History: Revolutionary Women
HIST191Introduction to History: Pacific Worlds
HIST192Introduction to History: U.S. Political History, 1789-Present
HIST202Early Modern Europe
HIST203Modern Europe
HIST209Visual Methods: Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials
HIST210Magic, Witchcraft, and Miracle, from Saints to Salem
HIST213FHistory and the Turn to the Present (FYS)
HIST214The Modern and the Postmodern
HIST216European Intellectual History since the Renaissance
HIST219Russian and Soviet History, 1881 to the Present
HIST224Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, and Worlds
HIST231Guns and Society
HIST237Making New Worlds: Encounters on Turtle Island
HIST242World History
HIST245Modern Latin America Since 1810
HIST247The Fall of Rome and Other Stories
HIST255The Vikings and the Viking Age, 700-1243
HIST260From Archipelago to Nation State: An Introduction to Japanese History and Culture
HIST261Enlightenment and Science
HIST269Modern British History, 1688 to Present
HIST272Law, Court, and Crime in England, 600--1660
HIST280The Industrial Revolution in Global Context: Economic History Since 1800
HIST281Global Economy: Germany and the World in an Age of Extremes, 1870-1957 (CLAC.50)
HIST285Modern South Asia
HIST304Middle East Intellectuals and Modernity
HIST307The Economy of Nature and Nations
HIST308Trump-Evangelicals: the History of Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism in America
HIST312Diggers and Discontents: Doing History from Below
HIST319Crisis, Creativity, and Modernity in the Weimar Republic, 1918--1933
HIST320Visions of World Order: From the French Revolution to the Present
HIST333Appeasement and the Origins of the Second World War
HIST338History and Theory
HIST348Urban Histories of Latin America
HIST391The Treason of the Intellectuals: Power, Ethics, and Cultural Production
HIST396The U.S. South: A Global History
HIST399History and Geography

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