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ARST243Graphic Design
ARST336Architecture II
CSPL140FThinking with Things (FYS)
CSPL220Participatory Design: From Helping to Solidarity
CSPL225Critical Design Fictions
FILM250Computational Media: Videogame Development
THEA110Drafting for Theatrical Design
THEA305Lighting Design for the Theater
THEA359Space Design for Performance

Spring 2020 Courses Not Offered       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       NCE
ARST190Digital Art
ARST253Digital Photography I
ARST336Architecture II
CCIV341Visualizing the Classical
CSPL202Introduction to Design Thinking: Liberal Arts to Epic Challenges
CSPL215Human-Centered Design for Social Change
FILM331Video Games as/and the Moving Image: Art, Aesthetics, and Design
SISP245Ethnography and Design
THEA185Text and the Visual Imagination
THEA360Media for Performance
THEA383Introduction to Costume Design for Performance

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