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ALIT220Stereotyped Japan: A Critical Investigation of Geisha Girls and Samurai Spirit

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CHIN101Chinese Character Writing
CHIN103Elementary Chinese
CHIN205Intermediate Chinese
CHIN217Third-Year Chinese
CHIN221Fourth-Year Chinese

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JAPN103Elementary Japanese
JAPN205Intermediate Japanese
JAPN217Third-Year Japanese
JAPN219Fourth-Year Japanese

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ALIT202Japanese Horror Fiction and Film
ALIT204Popular Culture in Late Imperial and Modern China

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CHIN104Elementary Chinese
CHIN206Intermediate Chinese
CHIN218Third-Year Chinese
CHIN222Fourth-Year Chinese

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JAPN104Elementary Japanese
JAPN206Intermediate Japanese
JAPN218Third-Year Japanese
JAPN220Fourth-Year Japanese

Spring 2010      Language Courses: Korean       Summer Session       Winter Session       Home       Archive       Search       ALIT

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