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ARCP325Middletown Materials: Archaeological Analysis
ARST436Architecture II
ASTR430Seminar on Astronomical Pedagogy
BIOL131Service-Learning Clinical Experience at Connecticut Valley Hospital
CHEM241Informal Science Education for Elementary School Students I
COMP342Software Engineering
CSPL210Money and Social Change: Innovative Paradigms and Strategies
DANC341Dance Teaching Workshop: Theory into Practice
DANC447Dance Teaching Practicum
E&ES322Introduction to GIS
E&ES324GIS Service Learning Laboratory
MUSC463Teaching Music Lessons to Children in Local Schools
PSYC206Research Methods in Cognitive Development and Education
PSYC355Psychology of Reading
SOC273Sociology of Education
SOC315The Health of Communities
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BIOL223Integration of Clinical Experience and Life Science Learning
CHEM242Informal Science Education for Elementary School Students II
HIST171War Comes to Middletown
SOC316Community Research Seminar
THEA115Introduction to Applied Theater: Working in Prisons and Hospitals

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