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ASTR107-01The UniverseHerbst,William    
..T.R.. 10:20AM-11:40AM; VVO110;
ASTR107-02The UniverseHerbst,William    
..T.R.. 01:20PM-02:40PM; VVO110;
ASTR155-01Introduction to AstrophysicsRedfield,Seth    
.M.W... 01:20PM-02:40PM; VVO110;
ASTR222-01Modern Observational TechniquesKilgard,Roy E.   
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR240-01Radio AstronomyHughes,Meredith    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR430-01Seminar on Astronomical PedagogyRedfield,Seth    
...W... 12:20PM-01:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR522-01Modern Observational TechniquesKilgard,Roy E.   
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR540-01Radio AstronomyHughes,Meredith    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;

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ASTR105-01Exploring the CosmosRedfield,Seth    
.M.W... 10:50AM-12:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR211-01Observational AstronomyHughes,Meredith    
Kilgard,Roy E.   
..T.R.. 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR221-01Galactic AstronomyHerbst,William    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR431-01Research Discussion in AstronomyRedfield,Seth    
...W... 12:20PM-01:10PM; VVO110;
ASTR521-01Galactic AstronomyHerbst,William    
.M.W... 02:50PM-04:10PM; VVO110;

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