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CIS122Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars Colloquium II

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BIOL318Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of Genes and Environment
BIOL325Stem Cells: Basic Biology to Clinical Application
BIOL345Developmental Neurobiology
CHEM379Nanomaterials Lab
CIS115Experiential Design and Application
CIS116Designing Books
CIS121Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars Colloquium I
CIS150The Science Behind Popular Scientific Literature
CIS221Research Frontiers in the Sciences I
CIS231Modeling and Data Analysis: From Molecules to Markets
CIS239Proseminar: Machine Learning Methods for Text, Audio and Video Analysis
CIS241Introduction to Network Analysis
CIS265Bioinformatics Programming
CIS320Advanced Academic Writing
CIS321Special Topics in Integrative Sciences
CIS323Bayesian Data Analysis: A Primer
CIS327Evolutionary and Ecological Bioinformatics
CIS331Video Games as/and the Moving Image: Art, Aesthetics, and Design
CIS375Mass Extinctions in the Oceans: Animal Origins to Anthropocene
CIS520Advanced Academic Writing
COMP260Special Topics in Computer Science
E&ES280Introduction to GIS
E&ES281GIS Service-Learning Laboratory
E&ES320Meteorites Laboratory
E&ES359Global Climate Change
E&ES361Living in a Polluted World
E&ES386Remote-Sensing Laboratory
MATH226Complex Analysis
MATH231An Introduction to Probability
MATH232Mathematical Statistics
NS&B239Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain
NS&B250Laboratory in Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology
NS&B398Advanced Research in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience
PHYS315Quantum Mechanics II
PSYC316Schizophrenia and Its Treatment: Neuroscientific, Historical, and Phenomenological Perspectives
PSYC390Experimental Investigations into Reading
PSYC392Behavioral Methods in Affective Neuroscience

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